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Communication Is Critical 
Attendance is mandatory at ALL band activities to ensure team success. 
Unfortunately, we can not afford any "part time" team members if we want to have a successful team. 
Communication with students, parents, and guardians is absolutely critical for our students to succeed. 
Students will always be given hard copies of itineraries, etc. but we know that these don't always make it home or to everyone who might need it. So - see our electronic communication modes below! 
Our website will be considered #1. It will be updated consistently. 
Bookmark this site as a favorite for quick access. 
2. REMIND 101 
Please sign-up for our Remind 101 Application to receive all student / booster announcements by text. This is the primary mode of communication for reminders. See the graphic below on how to join. It just takes a few seconds. 
3. GTB FACEBOOK ACCOUNT become active very soon!